Market research

Thanks to a thorough market knowledge we are able to support our Partners by providing the necessary indications to the correct positioning of their products in the Italian market.

Analyzing the competition, we identify products and price levels of the other players operating in the market to determine the right product location and evaluate the pricing strategy.

Marketing and sales

We follow every step of the sales process of our Partners’ products from the elaboration of offers and  negotiations management to the definition of supplying contracts.

Our business is addressed to clients belonging to the following market segments:

  • Catering
  • Big Distribution
  • Processing industries
  • Food service

Support to the development and introduction of new products

We are always up-to-date with the latest market tendencies and provide a valid support to our Partners in the development of new products and their introduction in the market identifying new prospects.

We contribute to the making of new recipes, in line with the taste of our Country, and in the designing of  finished product packaging.

Legislative advice

We support our Partners and our Clients in the development of private label products in cooperation, if necessary, with leading legal consultancy  firms operating in the sector of food products labelling.

Furthermore, we take care of translating technical documents and contracts for our Partners as well as for our Clients.

Logistic assistance

In cooperation with our Partners we arrange for shipment of goods to our Clients, based on their demands.

We follow freight up to the delivery at our Clients’ storehouses and give our assistance to any event occurring at the moment of delivery.

Shipping documents are checked to make sure they match with our Clients’ purchase orders.

Administrative activity

We handle payment collection and monitor our Clients’ insurance coverage on behalf of our Partners to facilitate the management of our supplying activity.

Due to recent enforcement of new regulations on invoices transmission, we take care of documents sending via PEC (certified email) to our Clients on behalf of our Partners.