Toralla S.A. was established in 2000 in the Chiloè Island and soon has become one of the most important producer of chilean mussels (mythilus chilensis).

Thanks to modern production technologies like freezing tunnel, Toralla can produce from 100 to 300 tons of mussels per day.

The over 250 hectares of sea managed by Cultivos Toralla, S.A. are being exploited using the “long-line” farming system to obtain harvests of as much as 12.000 tonnes of mussel per year.

A detailed documentary control is conducted from the moment that mussels is extracted from the sea to storage, cooking and freezing to their coldstores, to ensure traceability. Microbiological analysis on each batch produced certify the quality of all products.

Toralla is able to offer in different packagings (cartons and bags):

Thanks to the strict compliance with regulations on critical point control and quality assurance (APPCC and PAC), Toralla has been certified BRC and FRIEND OF THE SEA.