Viciunai Group was established in 1991 and today is the biggest surimi producer in Europe.

Surimi facility is located in Lithuania (Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB) with a production capacity of 100.000 tons per year.

Vichiunai Europe N.V. was established in 2000 as subsidiary company of Plunges Kooperatine Prekyba UAB in Belgium, in charge of the trade of Viciunai manufactured products in the markets of Western European countries.

Surimi range of products is sold under brand names VICI, ESVA and other trademarks.

Main surimi products produced are:
•    Sticks vacuum packed 250g, 500g
•    Breaded crab claws packed in 250g, 500g, 1kg boxes
•    Chunks
•    Imi Shrimps
•    Imi Lobster tails

Recently Vichiunai has introduced a new range of products "DUMPLINGS" Asian style with different fillings like Chicken, vegetables, shrimps, cheese and mushrooms.

As a Group, Viciunai is able to provide an extended range of high quality products, tailor made solutions and total traceability.

Surimi facility has been certified  BRC version 6 (A level), IFS version 5 (highest level), MSC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HALAL.

NEW! Dumplings